OpenRDA Answers Document Publication (2/24 – 3/7)

Every Monday, RDA will be releasing a news article that contains all documentation published to the OpenRDA Answers website from the prior week. ?_If you have any questions concerning each news article, please contact us.
Please click the header in this news article to see the list of documentation published from February 24 through March 7:


FINMGT-GENERIC SETUP VARIABLES -?_If I want to change any variables within the Financial Management module how could I do that?


PURORD-CHGPOID RANGE SCREEN -?_How do I change the Purchase Order ID for a purchase order?


LVEMGT-LVEUPD RANGE SCREEN – How do I update earned and used leave transactions (move from unprocessed to processed)?
LVEMGT-SETLVETRANDOCKS RANGE SCREEN – How can the Dock Computed and Dock Completed flags be set when the Dock Value equals the Amount Docked?


EMPABS-CURRENT EMPALS VALUES?_- How can the?_values for Fiscal Year, Start Date, End Date, Rate ID and Retrieval Type be set or updated?_to default into the Add Leave and Substitutes process?

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