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Congratulations to Jefferson County Government in Georgia, on their recent decision to upgrade from OpenRDA 101 to OpenRDA Enterprise.

When we began the phase-out of MBGUI, we developed a version of OpenRDA that had all the basics but wasn’t as feature-rich as OpenRDA Enterprise. This was done to make the upgrade as inexpensive and affordable as possible. While many of the software bundles that are standard for OpenRDA Enterprise can be purchased, certain modules and features are not available without progressing to Enterprise; i.e., Position Tracking, Employee Absentee, and Substitute Management. What heavily influenced Jefferson County’s decision was the rate account imaging feature in the Position Tracking module. This will eliminate the need for a payroll job master just for overtime (overtime in Georgia is not expensed to the same object code as the regular salary), making their timeclock software interface easier to implement and manage.

But, my name isn’t Sella Moore (i.e., this isn’t a sales blog). I just wanted to be sure that our OpenRDA 101 customers know that progressing to OpenRDA Enterprise is an option. Do let me know if you want to hear more.



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