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Is your organization using P-Cards? If so, do you normally refer to them as Pain Cards or Purchase Cards? I read what the different P-Card vendors say (improve efficiencies, reduction in paperwork); and that there is often a rebate to you from the P-Card vendor isn’t too bad, either. But, do you struggle each month trying to round up all the receipts from the employees who are issued a purchasing card and get them entered into so that they’re expensed correctly? What if you could streamline the process, while providing accountability and transparency? What if you really could improve efficiencies and reduce the paperwork? What if the employees with the P-Cards could enter an on-line requisition for each purchase, attaching the receipt, and then that requisition with attachments could be downloaded into OpenRDA as a completed purchase order?

If you want to hear more, let me know. Until then, try not to let those P-Cards manage you.




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