Payroll: Make Transactions Process Improvement

From the November 3, 2013 Bringing You Flowers blog posting:
Last Thursday’s blog posting alerted you to an upcoming process improvement in?_OpenRDA. For our November 30 programs release, we will be simplifying the make transactions/undo make transactions processes in the?_Payroll?_module. When errors are detected during the make transactions process and viewed/printed, a report will automatically archive into E-Documents?_and?_the Undo Make Transactions process will automatically execute (instead of being done in a separate step). This was the result of another of those?_”if we shouldn’t move forward without correcting any errors detected in this process, why do you allow us?”?_Why indeed.?_
The November programs were not released on November 30 due to the Thanksgiving holidays. They are scheduled for release Friday night, December 6, and will be available for downloading the following day. And, yes, they will include the process improvement mentioned in the above blog posting.
When the make transactions process is executed and errors are detected, those transactions will automatically be “undone” when the errors are viewed/printed. The report that will automatically archive is the “findit” report that compares job pay+employer paid deductions to job transactions+deduction transactions. If there are no differences, the archived report will indicate this. Prior to remaking transactions, the identified errors must be corrected. The most common errors identified during make transactions pertain to account codes not existing (or not active) in Financial Management.

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