Programs Release: 12/06/2013

OpenRDA/Xpert programs have been released to our website for downloading and installing. These programs, with a compiled and released date of 12/06/2013, contain many new features and enhancements. Full release notes are available from Product Announcements?_(accessed with this link as well as via Help on the Resource Bar of OpenRDA) for this release (as well as for prior releases).?_The Start Date for the product announcements defaults to three months before the current calendar date but can be changed as needed/desired so that you’re seeing less (or more) announcements.
?_Highlights of this month’s release are below:

RDA News (moved from the module’s taskbar to the workspace area; automatic scrolling has been removed).
Leave Fiscal File (Leave Management module; a new file for beginning balance, earned, used, and ending balances by fiscal year to facilitate tracking and reporting). Also see the 12/06/2013 RDA News article.
Make Transactions (Payroll module; transactions will automatically “undo” when errors are encountered and printed). Also see the 12/06/2013 RDA News article.
Hire/Add New Job?_(Position Tracking and Personnel modules; warning will generate when attempting to add a second job with the same position identification, gross identification, and pay group as the previously added job; this would normally indicate that the save button was clicked twice).
Add Personnel (Position Tracking and Personnel modules; button to check for existing personnel demographics record having the same social security number as the new entry).
Assign Retirement Plan in Mass (Personnel module; uses Retirement Plans from Benefit Plans to assign plan to personnel demographics records in mass; the assigned retirement plan is necessary for retirement-reporting purposes in some states such as Virginia and Tennessee). Also see 11/25/2013 RDA News article.
Personnel Demographics (Personnel module; new fields for School Grade and School Subject on a new?_Identifiers tab; movement of some fields from other tabs to the Identifiers tab; consolidation of emergency information onto one tab).
Job and Personnel Demographics Export (Payroll module; modified to include School Grade and School Subject).
Deduction and Personnel Demographics Export (Payroll module; modified to include School Grade, School Subject, and Retirement Plan).
941 Schedule B (Payroll module; a link to this IRS form to facilitate on-line entry).
Vendor Withholding Checks (Payroll module; assignment and printing of checks modified to use the Default Check Detail flag from the vendor master; when Default Check Detail is off/false, no detail prints on the check stub; this eliminates automatic voiding due to overflow; new Voucher Detail Advice report in conjunction with this feature).
Email Log (from Help on the resource bar; the log displays using viewpdf to facilitate searching; also a report for purging the email log).
Returned Checks (Bank Reconciliation module; several enhancements to facilitate data entry and accounting of NSF checks for financial receipts).
Decorated EFT Transmittal (Vendor Payments module; requires downloading of form; printing and archiving). Also see 12/05/2013 RDA News article.
PO Form (Purchase Orders module; enhancement to existing, standard decorated PO form; requires downloading of new form). Also see 12/05/2013 RDA News article which includes an example of the new form.

Note to?_Windows?_customers (those with OpenRDA on a windows work station instead of a linux server):?_turn off/inactivate anti-virus software when downloading the program files and executing/running program updates.

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