Pivot Towards Productivity with RDA’s Pivot Grid Module

Pivot Towards Productivity with RDA’s Pivot Grid Module

Imagine going into a team meeting where you had to present a myriad of unorganized, hard-to-read, statistical data. Countless rows of numbers make it next to impossible to get through all your information in such a short amount of time. Usually, people just need to understand the highlights of what your data means for them.

It can be overwhelming and time-consuming to have so much sourced data at your fingertips, but unsure of how to effectively organize it all. What if there were a software that could streamline the data organization process for you, while cutting back on time spent and increasing your team’s productivity?

Pivot Grid

With RDA’s Pivot Grid, manipulating and organizing your data has never been easier. Our module allows your team to see the “bigger picture” when it comes to what your data means and how to use it. The module will organize your data into concise, engaging, easy-to-understand models, graphs, and charts, creating ordered information that is less intimidating for those viewing it.

The Pivot Grid Software can be implemented quickly and with ease. Our module gives you the peace of mind that your information is organized in a meaningful way and allows your team to confidently make good decisions about the data in front of them.


With our Pivot Grid module, clients can:

  • Run multiple tables where data is merged in a snap
  • Use in-built calculations without having to manually set them up
  • Create dynamic reports

Canned reports are also available in the application and users are free to manipulate their data. The templates provided within the module make organizing and presenting your data that much easier.

Security Measures

All RDA’s software is hosted safely and securely in the Cloud. Our SSL allows us to securely connect to the site with an encrypted connection using SSO.

Time to Pivot

Are you interested in learning more about how our Pivot Grid Go Module can streamline your work? Perhaps it’s time to pivot towards a smarter way of manipulating and organizing your sourced data. Contact us to schedule a demonstration or chat with one of RDA’s experienced team members.

About RDA

RDA’s innovative ERP software provides meaningful transparency and access for your community and staff, along with powerful insights into data. The RDA Solution is hosted in the Cloud, providing regular backups, product updates and concierge support, ensuring that clients feel confident and are successful with their new software.

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