Processing W2’s

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Well, only three more days until the deadline for providing employees their W2s for 2013. How are you doing this?  Do you print them yourselves using forms ordered from us? Or, do you use our print service (which also includes the option of electronic filing later in March)? Or, do you archive them as personnel documents (attached to the employee’s personnel demographics record) and upload to OpenRDA’s Employee Self Serve (ESS)?

More than 122 million federal tax returns were electronically filed in 2013 (the Internal Revenue Service will open the 2014 filing season on Jan. 31 and encourages taxpayers to use e-file or Free File as the fastest way to receive refunds). Uploading employees’ W2s to ESS promotes this (while the W2 can be printed from ESS by the employee, that really isn’t necessary when the employee is electronically filing federal and state returns). Even if you don’t have ESS, the W2s can still be archived as personnel documents and emailed (if you have this level of our F.A.S.T. module).

If you would like to know more about Employee Self Service and emailing documents from OpenRDA, please contact Mimi (mvenglish@openrda.com). These are just some of the many ways OpenRDA can help you save paper, supplies, and time.



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