RDA Christmas Party!

After a year of hard work, there’s nothing like getting together with your work family to celebrate the season and say goodbye to another successful year at RDA Systems.

The 2022 RDA Christmas Luncheon was held at the usual spot: Goin Coastal’! A favorite eatery among the staff and their spouses due to the delicious assortment of seafood dishes and the secluded nature of the exclusive private dining room.

The family-style lunch spread included lobster mac-n-cheese, crab and shrimp au gratin, shrimp and grits, rainbow trout, and burgers.

Lunch was followed by some competitive games. First, we all tried guessing how many Rees’s cups were in the gift bag. There are always more candies than you think with those games!

We followed that up with the hilarious and entertaining Balloon Cup challenge. Lots of balloons were blown and cups were stacked as we… well, you should just go Google it! We all had a good laugh, and our competitive sides were on full display.

And we were only getting started with the games!

After that, we all took on the impossible task of drawing a Christmas scene on a paper plate that was placed on top of our heads. (Yes, you can laugh at the scene that just popped into your head. We certainly did.) We’re just grateful our Pivot Grid Module produces graphs and charts that look nothing like the scribbled messes we produced.

We ended the games with a lively round of Christmas Charades that had us all using our best acting skills and shouting out our guesses. After our acting attempts, we’ve decided it’s best that we all keep our day jobs. Not only would we never make it on the big screen, but we also really like what we do every day at RDA.

This Christmas event is something that everyone looks forward to. Most employees brought their spouses along, so it was a great time to fellowship. Many thanks go out to the RDA Caring Team who planned this amazing party.

To say we had a great time is an understatement.

Working from home over the past year has had its benefits, but nothing beats seeing your work family face-to-face.

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