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Today’s blog posting isn’t going to be very long as I’m just returning from vacation but is something I wanted to share.

RDA News Articles automatically display below the task bar whenever you start OpenRDA. Are you closing/canceling your OpenRDA session at the end of the day? Do that and you’ll always see the latest news articles (and we do publish these on a fairly regular basis). You’ve read the lastest news or don’t have time to read it at the moment? Instead of minimizing the news window, close/cancel it (there should be an x on the upper right side of the screen or a close from the menu button on the upper left of the news screen). You can always get back to the News from Help (on the Resouce Bar) or from the Help button on the process screens.

I promise something more interesting for tomorrow when it’ll be “petal” to the metal again. Until then . . .



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