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RDA System’s Constituent Portal: Property Tax Software for Government

Local governments rely heavily on property taxes as a source of revenue. Treasury departments spend much of their time generating tax bills, processing payments, and following up on delinquent taxes.

The right government tax software can help treasurers increase revenue, decrease overhead and administrative burden, and help treasury staff manage entire billing, collection, and distribution processes.

To achieve this, local municipalities need property tax software for the government that is easy to use. Tools like RDA System’s Constituent Portal help automate key administrative functions, especially property tax collection.

Here are some of the benefits your agency will get from using the RDA Constituent Portal.

Easy and Secure Access

With RDA System’s Constituent Portal, taxpayers have easy and secure access to their personal property and real estate bills. They also have the convenience of making online payments.

This ability to collect tax payments online also benefits the local government, reducing the time needed to process taxes and other payments as well as manage receivables.

By offering a public portal for taxpayers like Constituent Portal, treasury offices can conveniently provide access to all publicly available tax information.

Real Estate Tax History

Tax collectors and treasurers can access the information and tools they need to keep detailed records throughout the tax process that are essential for accuracy and accountability.

And because all data is stored and connected, it is easier for local treasury offices to process property valuation data to determine correct tax rates and make better decisions to maximize revenue.

Constant Updates

RDA System’s Constituent Portal online tax software updates your primary tax system nightly with new payments. Having current daily data updates speeds up traditional local government billing and collections, and improves operational performance.

Harness Technology

The technology exists to allow your staff a complete overview of the management and tracking necessary to collect property tax. It is more convenient for constituents, and it takes the stress off your staff.

Let the system do the work.


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