A process has been created for reclassifying vouchers to different expenditure or revenue account codes (voided vouchers are automatically excluded; additionally, while you can reclassify an existing balance sheet voucher to an expenditure account or revenue account, you cannot reclassify a voucher as a balance sheet type voucher with this new process). The voucher can be completely reclassified or partially to single or multiple expenditure/revenue accounts.

This process is accessed directly from the Vendor Voucher Maintain Screen (button is to the right of the Amount Reclassified field on the Accounting tab). Ideally, this would be used for processed vouchers (distributed and cleared) as non-processed vouchers can be edited without the need to create off-setting and new vouchers. The reclassify process automatically sets the bank rec updated flag (to true) and the updated by flag to RECLASSIFIED (there is no effect on Bank Reconciliation as the offsetting and new vouchers will automatically use the same bank identification as the original voucher). The vouchers will need to be source user verified (by the user who reclassified the vouchers), approved (if using this feature), distributed, and cleared. Once distributed and cleared, the user responsible for posting activity to Financial Management can complete this step. The amount reclassified is tracked in the original voucher to prevent reclassifying more than the original voucher amount and for informational purposes.

It is recommended that reclassified checks and electronic transmittals be re-archived after reclassification if the stubs contain accounting information (be sure to range on check number or electronic number; and select cleared and not cleared vouchers).

Product Date: Monday, May 13, 2013


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