Save Hours of Data Entry with RDA’s ESS Portal!

RDA’s ESS 2.0 Portal eases headaches and hours of data entry for your HR team. It allows your staff to take control of their own data and accomplish tasks they couldn’t under normal circumstances.

How does ESS do this, exactly?

With our ESS Portal, employees have 24×7 mobile access to:

  • Update their own demographic information
  • Download and print W2s and pay stubs
  • Punch in and out of work
  • Check timecards
  • Request time off work

ESS ensures your HR staff won’t have to worry about last-minute requests for time off work or spend the weekend trying to track down employees to update their information. With ESS, you can have  peace of mind knowing your team has their data under control.

Let RDA simplify and improve the quality of your work; contact us to learn more about our ESS Portal.

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