URGENT: Vendor Payments Voucher Distribution

An error in the Voucher Distribution report for the 01/03/2014 programs release was discovered earlier this afternoon. This has been corrected and a new Vendor Payments program (with compiled and released date of 01/07/2014) has been released to our website. (Please click the title of this news article for more information/instructions.)

If those programs have not yet been downloaded and installed, you do not have to do anything at this time (if you’re not certain, look at Version Control, Program update Status).
If you have installed the January, 2014 programs but have not done any distributions of vouchers since those programs were installed, only that one program must be downloaded and installed. Please look at Version Control, Program Update Status. On the Application Status tab of the screen, you will not need to obtain a newer program if the compiled and released dates for Vendor Payments reflect?_01/07/2014. If you do need the program, turn off (uncheck) Zips on the FTP Programs tab of the screen before clicking the execute button. When the next screen appears, check the VENPMT/VENPMT.7z box before clicking the Select button.
If you have done one or more distributions with the 01/03/2014 program, the 01/07/2014 vendor payments program will need to be downloaded and installed and you will need our assistance in undoing the distribution processes as this must be done through the transaction log (system administration). Please see above for how to download and install the one program and contact us without delay.

We sincerely apologize for this error and will strive to do better.

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