PAYROLL: Important Programs Update

We have released new payroll programs to the website (with compiled and released date of 01/10/2014). ?_Please read below to see if you need to download and install the new payroll programs (be sure to read the full article by clicking the article title).

Customers in the State of Georgia for their GA State tax deduction description. ?_There is no change to the tax tables. ?_The change only applies to the exemption amount for the three married filing statuses (increases from $2700 to $3700) and can be automatically effectuated by using the Copy Standard Setup from the compute tab of the GA State tax deduction (you will see no changes to the actual deduction description or to the tax tables; the change to the exemptions/allowances is “behind the scenes”).
All customers who are archiving W2s and have employee(s) with more than four (4) codes in Box 12 of the W2.?_
All customers who are emailing W2s to employees or uploading W2s via ESS (this pertains to archiving for when the employee has more than 4 Box 12 codes and to paperless consent).
Any other customer who has experienced problems with the make transactions screens “freezing” when there are errors.

If you have not yet downloaded and installed the full January 2014 programs release, you should download and install all Zips.
Otherwise, turn off (uncheck) Zips on the FTP Programs tab of the screen before clicking the execute button. When the next screen appears, check the PAYROLL/PAYROLL.7z box before clicking the Select button. If you are only downloading the program due to item 1 or item 4, you do not need to run the update to the payroll module. Updates to the payroll module must be run for item 2 and item 3 (and no processes should be running).
Please let us know if questions or if additional assistance is needed.

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