Vendor Payments: Decorated EFT Transmittal

The December 6, 2013 programs will include a new Decorated EFT Transmittal for OpenRDA’s Vendor Payments module. The 8.5 x 11 decorated transmittal prints and archives on a form displaying columns and column headers. Since it prints in a smaller font, it can contain up to 40 electronic vouchers (body count). The new form will automatically display as an option under Print Transmittals and Archive Transmittals on the EFT tab of the taskbar once program updates are executed.

This Decorated form will automatically open up with viewpdf.?_ Click File > Print; select your printer; and click OK. In order to have this Decorated form, it must first be downloaded (via Download Laser Forms from Report Generation / Devices under System Administration). Please send us a cyber-support ticket to get the Code of the Day and instructions on how to download this new form.

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