W2 and 1099 Reminders for 2014

W2 and 1099 FormIt’s almost that time of year again….W2 and 1099 season!  As you all know, there is some prep work to do to ensure successful printing and filing.  We have provided a list of reminders to help you with these efforts.

  • Perforated paper, forms and envelopes should have been received by now. Please open the packages and review your order asap. Contact Mimi English if you have any issues with your order.
  • December program updates are required before loading your W2 and 1099 masters and printing your forms.  These programs will be available to download by Wednesday, December 17th. If you are not using our automatic program update service, RDA can download programs and run updates for you. There is a $50 fee and you must be on a linux or cloud server. Contact Dona Todd to schedule.
  • W2 Printing: As you have all heard, OpenRDA software will be creating and printing the entire W2 form on plain/perforated paper for 2014. Be sure to read this year’s W2 online documentation carefully. We will provide tips on how to ensure the forms print correctly on the front and back of your plain or perforated paper.
  • 1099 Printing: There are multiple options for printing 1099s this year. Please read the 1099 printing instructions in our online documentation carefully to ensure you are following the steps that pertain to the option you selected when ordering supplies.
  • A note on 1099 perforated paper: If you elected to buy perforated paper for 1099s, we explained that you should expect it to be plain on the front and back. The paper shipped to you actually has the 1099 instructions printed on the back. We have modified the 1099 print menu to “not print instructions” so this will not be an issue. If you have more questions, please contact Mimi English.
  • If you have signed up for RDA’s W2/1099 Print Service, you should have received an email with instructions detailing what you need to do prior to sending RDA your data and how to send RDA your data. Contact Mimi English if you did not receive this email.

As always, you may contact support for additional help with W2 and 1099 questions. Keep in mind the fastest and most accurate way to get your help request on our call board is to use cybersupport.

All of us at RDA hope you are enjoying this merriest of seasons! Merry Christmas!

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