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What is the Best Procurement Software for Municipalities and Schools?

How certain are you that your organization is using a procurement software that best serves your needs? There are many considerations when it comes to a reliable PO requisitions software such as integration, automation, and communication. If you’re feeling that it’s time to update, here’s a go-to checklist for functionalities to consider when it comes to purchasing a new procurement software:

Does It Accurately Report Expenses?

A good procurement software will expertly report expenses and allow you to pull together reports easily and at a moment’s notice. According to an article in, a procurement software for schools and municipalities should be able to “pull together meaningful reports related to how government money is being spent.”

RDA’s PO Requisitions module has your requisitions data compiled in one central location which makes putting together accurate reports a piece of cake.

Does It Keep Your Projects Within Budget?

The best procurement management will help keep your project within budget, eliminating the need for your team to worry about “crunching numbers.” Being able to access your financial data in one central location ensures your team can make the most informed decisions about your money.

Our PO Requisitions module allows you to create and maintain purchase orders while automatically updating budgetary accounts. The module also maintains impeccable records of all outstanding purchase orders. Our software’s real time budget availability ensures that checks and controls keep the data clean and flowing smoothly.

Can It Integrate with Other Systems to Reduce Data Entry?

The best school and municipality procurement software can integrate easily with your other existing systems, reducing the time your team spends on data entry. No more time wasted typing or copying and pasting endless amounts of data into your procurement software. With our PO Requisitions module, all systems are synced, making the procurement process seamless.

Does It Decrease the Likelihood of Human Error?

When reviewing PO requisitions, mistakes scattered throughout a report are distracting and time-consuming to correct. Because your data is automated through RDA’s PO Requisitions module, you can feel confident that your information is accurate throughout the entire purchase order process. Data automation eliminates the need to continually type the same information repeatedly, reducing the likelihood of mistakes. RDA’s PO Requisitions module users are limited to assigned accounts, which also simplifies data entry, and built-in controls ensure the integrity of your data.

Does It Save You Resources?

Two ways that the best procurement software can save your school or municipality money is by cutting paper-related costs. With our PO Requisitions module, there’s no more mailing paper forms or purchasing stamps. It also saves you money by preventing duplicate spending. Our requisitions module catches nuances that many times escape the human eye, and a user-defined workflow supports your organization.

Does It Streamline Communication So All Employees Are Informed and Up to Date?

Having all your purchase order data in one location with our PO Requisitions module means employees stay informed and up to date about information. The module streamlines communication, making the procurement process less stressful and ensuring that everyone stays on the same page. Notifications in the module keep everyone in the loop.

Let’s Get Started

RDA’s procurement software, our PO Requisitions Module, is the top of the line when it comes to procurement management. Because traditional procurement is often lost in a trail of paper, it lacks control and requires constant data entry.

To recap, RDA’s PO Requisitions Module streamlines the procurement process in a number of ways:

  • User defined workflow to support your business
  • Online approvals/rejections trigger instant notifications, minimizing procurement cycle time
  • Real time budget availability – checks and controls keep the data clean and flowing smoothly
  • Users are limited to assigned accounts which simplifies data entry

Now that you know the features and benefits of using a top procurement software, are you sure your team is getting the most effective use out of your existing module? You can see why having a top-of-the-line PO requisitions system will save your school or municipality time, costs, and headaches. Why not reach out to one of our RDA team members to walk you through a demonstration of our PO Requisitions Module? You can get started today.

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