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Why Pivot Grid as a Data Analysis Tool is Crucial for Your Organization

A Pivot Grid (or commonly known as PivotTable) is a reporting tool used to quickly summarize large amounts of data. You can use this tool to analyze numerical data in detail and answer unanticipated questions about your data.

Here is why Pivot Grid can be a valuable asset to your organization.

Gives Usable Information in Less Time

Often organizations are left with an exhaustive amount of information scattered in multiple locations. Analysis of large amounts of data can be time-consuming. Pivot Grid allows administrators to organize their huge data sets into concise and easy-to-understand models, graphs, and charts that allow the user to utilize information in a precise manner.

Helps to Make Confident Decisions

Data plays a major role in improving the efficiency of multiple organizational decision-making processes. A Pivot Grid tool allows you to compare what you are doing to what is already in place, which helps you to better comprehend the effects of any decisions you make in your organization.

In addition, the data derived through Pivot Grid is rational and tangible in a manner that intuition and gut feelings are not.  By eliminating the subjective component of decision-making, the rationality behind the solution becomes clearer to the multiple stakeholders. This assurance enables your organization to fully commit to a specific vision or plan without worrying about making the incorrect choice.

Helps in Becoming More Proactive

Visualizing data in reports will allow the organization to see “the big picture” and spot anomalies faster and proactively take the necessary action to prevent any inconsistencies that might result from wrong data.

Helps to Transition Data with Ease

If you’re a current user of RDA Systems, then on the Pivot Grid Module, you can plug in canned templates where you can easily run and merge multiple tables. Since the Pivot Grid is integrated with the other applications within the system, it allows data to be seamlessly migrated to form usable reports.

Hosted Securely in the Cloud

In an era where cyber-security threats are plaguing organizations big and small, RDA’s version of Pivot Grid allows you to securely host data in the cloud. This not only eliminates the threat of cybercrimes but also helps in ensuring proper backup of valuable data without making it prone to manual errors.

To know more about Pivot Grid and how it can be effectively utilized for your organization, please reach out to one of RDA’s team members by clicking here and scheduling a demonstration.

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