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As the cooler weather rolls in and the leaves begin to fall, another year is quickly coming to a close.  2015 has but a few milestones left…..a time of Thanksgiving, the joy of the Christmas season, and Year End!  

Below are a few quick reminders as the end of 2015 approaches:

  • Those of you that ordered your 1099/W2/ACA forms from RDA should be receiving them this week or next.  
  • The year end program release should be available the first week of December.  As with any program release / update we will post a News Article to keep you informed of its availability.  News Articles are accessed via the Help menu within OpenRDA.
  • Many of you signed up for RDA to print your ACA forms.  RDA will provide you with the means for electronically filing your ACAs with the IRS, but unlike W2s, RDA will not file them for you. You will have to complete your own electronic filing for your ACAs.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can send in a cyber support ticket or email us at support@openrda.com

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