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Fund Accounting-Based ERP Software Packages for K-12 School Districts

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RDA Systems’ software solutions are developed based on 40+ years of extensive experience, working with different small school districts. RDA has always spearheaded ERP technology by automating, implementing, instructing, and constantly adapting to their varying needs and changing policy requirements.

Securely hosted in the Google Cloud, RDA’s solutions give the administrators a single place where they can supervise all their Fund Accounting and Budget Management, Human Resources and Payroll, Resource Planning, Procurement, and Workforce Management needs.

RDA played a key role in developing and establishing Best Practice Standards in Fund Accounting for School Districts that are still in practice in half of the United States.

Here are some of the distinctive features of RDA’s software packages that make it the educated choice of small School Districts.

  • Powerful built-in workflows that are GAAP, GASB compliant
  • 24/7 Remote access for authorized administrators
  • Regular updates and enhancements based on changes in administrative norms
  • Automated payroll management with innovative Employee Self-Serve (ESS) facility
  • Convenient fund accounting, bank reconciliation, and other financial management solutions
  • Easy PO requisitions and vendor payments
  • Industry-leading Concierge Level Support, with personal care approach
  • Substitute Management, Employee Absentee, and Position Tracking modules

In addition to all this, the knowledgeable and caring client support team routinely delivers fast response and resolution time, which is why RDA’s client satisfaction score consistently exceeds 9.5!

Making technology more affordable and accessible is part of RDA’s value system. In addition to providing full-fledged School District ERP Suites, RDA Systems has thus introduced three impactful packages that offer fully integrated solutions to small school districts.

School Districts ERP System Packages

Fund accounting-based software package designed specifically for the needs of small K-12 School Districts.  All backed with our industry-leading concierge implementation, integration and support.

Core School District ERP System

Basic ERP solution with concierge implementation, integration and support.

Package Name

K-12 Core

For School Districts that want to start small and integrate only the most important functions under each department

Recommended School District ERP System

Comprehensive ERP solution with concierge implementation, integration and support.

Package Name


For School Districts that need affordable yet comprehensive support in Financial and Workforce management

Advanced School District ERP System

Feature-Rich ERP solution with concierge implementation, integration and support.

Package Name


For School Districts that need feature-rich tools, with powerful built-in workflows and flexible reporting integrated into a single source. A premium product at a non-premium price

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