User Group Meetings Recap

Kathy Disalvo and I participated in two successful RDA User Group Meetings last week in VA.  A shout out to the teams at Russell County Schools (Katrina, Tammy & Susan) and Radford City Schools (Kerri & Patti) for hosting the events.  Both did a great job of hospitality with hot coffee, drinks, snacks, lunch and impressive technology.  A big thank you from the team at RDA and, I am sure, from all those that attended.  And thanks to Dona at RDA for pulling all the logistics together.

We shared several tips and tricks with the OpenRDA 3.0 software.   Below is a sampling of tips/tricks shared:

Kathy did a great job presenting the approach to the much anticipated VRS Hybrid plan.  Lots of fun.  Much discussion followed and many questions answered.  We are looking into a VRS Hybrid webinar in December.  Send an email to Dona Todd ( if you are interested.

The groups were forthcoming with hassles, suggestions, likes, requests and ideas.  We made notes and are reviewing how best to address each one.  A few items were:

  • Report Writer Training for ad hoc reporting
  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Output of Reports to csv Format
  • It is too easy to add a second duplicate job when using the Hire Employee Process
  • Helpdesk Ticket emails get long and confusing

Your comments on these are appreciated.  Let me know what you think in the Comments section above.

We talked about the status of  OpenRDA 4.0.  We shared and discussed the results of our What Makes for Good and Bad Customer Service Survey.  There was time for Peer Discussions.

Thanks to all that participated.  We look forward to many user group meetings in 2014.  Be on the lookout for one near you.  Let Dona know if you are interested in hosting one.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “User Group Meetings Recap”

  1. Enjoyed the meeting – felt it was very informative. Felt better knowing that there are people who have the same problems that I have and having the same frustrations with VRS. Hints from Dave, Kathy and all my peers were very helpful.

    • Sue:

      I am glad you enjoyed the meeting and found it helpful. I appreciate your transparency in sharing your experiences. It is a blessing to us all.


  2. Good Morning

    On the feature of decorated checks. Can this be used for employees who have direct deposit?

    The example looks nice.

    Paul Sachar

    • Hi Paul. Yes, decorated direct deposit transmittals for employees (and vendors) are also available in OpenRDA. I’ll ask Stacy to contact you. Hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.



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