Welcome, Tucker Fowler!

RDA welcomes Canton native Tucker Fowler to the team. We are grateful to have his help as our Jr. Systems Admin. Let’s learn a little more…

From: Canton, GA
Favorite Fruit: Oranges, because they are delicious and they stave off scurvy and I don’t like the idea of scurvy.
Favorite Athlete: Ken Block, because the things he does in a car should be impossible but he makes them look super simple.
Person you would most like to meet: Nicola Tesla
What I’m reading now: Biography of Elon Musk
Biggest surprise since joining RDA?: The use of open source technology and the leeway given to improve and invent processes to build a better solution for our clients. A lot of companies out there don’t take that approach and just buy off the shelf solutions. RDA fosters innovation.

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