When payroll amounts are needed but not the detail, use of the financial management activity (instead of summarized payroll job and deduction transactions) is now an available option for the??Balance Sheet Detail with Full Sort. This will result in faster record selection. Payroll activity records can be detailed or summarized; when printing landscape, will show activity number, source user, entry date, and description (comments). Ranging on Reference ID (using fields from the various modules) is available on the Range tab. This provides another level of ranging and also allows linkage between sources/modules (see the Reference ID Instructions on the report’s range screen for more information).
For faster record selection, all detail (and activity) reports have been changed so that the desired fiscal year period is entered on the Select tab using From PYPM??(YYYY-MM) and??To PYPM??(YYYY-MM).??This enhancement may require that previously saved screen defaults (personal, site, or group) be deleted and re-established.??Please see the Instructions tab for more explanation as to fiscal period ranging.

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