Customer Support Ratings Go Public

We have been surveying our customer for over a year now.  We watch it daily and measure against monthly goals.  As they say, if you want to improve something, measure it.

We have learned a great deal about what it takes to satisfy our customers.  We are getting better. Our customers appreciate that.  They even gave us a “100% Great” rating for all support in the busy month of January.

Going Public

I decided to go public with our ratings for two reasons:

  1. It raises the bar.  By putting it out there for all to see, we are more conscious of deliverying Great service.  We want to be held to the highest standards.  We relentlessly strive to get better at serving our customers.
  2. Potential customers always ask about our service.  And well they should.  It is a critical aspect of our offerings. Hearing about our service from me is not as powerful as hearing about it from our users.  Exposing our customer service ratings to everyone including our prospects is full disclosure and transparency.  There is no smoke and mirrors.

Customer Support Ratings

Please keep us honest and track our score.  Our goal is 100% great service and very satisfied customers.

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