A report has been developed for OpenRDA that compares updated deduction pay masters to deduction calendars. Deduction calendars are updated when a payroll is taken through the update payroll history step. Normally the deduction pay master totals and the deduction calendar summaries are (and should be) the same. They will not be the same if the Adjustments menu has been used to change deduction earnings and/or amounts. When the deduction calendar files have not been adjusted, the two files should agree. If differences are shown when running this report (and the deduction calendar summary has not been adjusted), problems exist that must be addressed prior to loading W2s (W2s load from the calendar files; tax liability reports by pay period pull from the deduction pay masters). This report is on an annual basis and will not indicate the calendar month. We recommend that you run this report (accessed from the Payroll Tax Reports menu) each month so that any differences are identified and addressed immediately. As the Report Description indicates, a helpdesk ticket should be submitted for assistance and guidance when differences are shown (when the deduction calendar summary has not been adjusted).

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