New Calendar Year Reminders

Just a few quick reminders for the new calendar year.

To update any tax table or rate change for 2015:

  • Verify the latest programs are downloaded and updated (check News Articles for latest release and compile dates)
  •  Access the applicable tax Deduction Description, and click the Copy Standard Setup button, which is located on the Compute tab
  • A window will appear, asking you to verify the deduction you want to update; the Deduction Description ID and the Deduction Type will display; click Select.

Using The Copy Standard Feature

On the OpenRDA Answers page, there is detailed documentation on how to use the Copy Standard Setup button to update tax changes.  A link to this documentation is below:


Calendar Checklist

Also on the OpenRDA Answers page, there is a Calendar Checklist, which can be used to verify that the necessary steps have been completed for the beginning of the calendar year. A link to the Calendar Checklist is below:


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