New Product Features and Upgrades to Keep Data Moving!

Employee Self Serve 2.0 (ESS) has been live for a couple of years now.  Along with the original benefits of online paystubs, timesheets and leave requests, the following features have been added over the past few months and are available to make tasks easier for you and your employees:

  • ESS is now Mobile Friendly! Clock in and out, request time off, and view your pay info – all from your mobile device.
  • ESS Time is equipped with Geo Location! Employees can only clock in and out from within a set radius of their work location.  This feature is adaptable for those employees with unique situations, such as multiple jobs and locations.
  • Substitutes can now be attached to ESS Leave transactions! Reduce data entry time in the School Board Office even more by attaching sub transactions to an absent employee in ESS.

PO Requisitions is new, improved, and ready for roll out! This product had a complete face lift and is now live in 7 locations and currently being implemented in 5 others.  The module allows for 1 to 4 levels of approvals and speeds up the approval process by using email notifications.  Approved requisitions are electronically moved to the PO and Vendor Payments modules.

Virginia schools – the Annual School Report (ASR) Module was a huge success in 2021 for 17 of our K12 clients. Those 17 will  be reaping the benefits in 2022 and beyond as the only ongoing setup requirements will be for newly added account codes.  If you did not add the ASR module in 2021, be sure to learn more about its benefits in 2022!

Stay tuned for a series of product related emails and webinars to come in the near future. If you would like to go ahead and schedule a demo or learn more, contact Mimi English at mimi.english@rdasys.com  or click here.

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