Business Consultant and Author, Jim Collins, is quoted as saying, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”  We, at RDA Systems, believe that as well which is why we hire “great people” at all levels of our organization.

This month we are excited to recognize Kyle Sansing, the Director of our Client Care Support Team. He works one on one with clients to resolve support issues and leads new client implementations.  He also coaches his team on support and software.

Some fun facts about Sansing are as follows: his family and friends describe him as dependable, personable, and funny and his favorite food is Hibachi fried rice. In his own words he describes his personal motto as, “Find joy in everything you choose to do. I have found that if you look for joy in every situation, whether good or bad, you will lead a life filled with opportunity and optimism.”

When asked if he could meet anyone from any time period, Sansing responded, “I would love to speak to my kids in the future when they are adults. They are 5 and 3 now, and I would love to see them as happy and healthy adults!” That “proud papa” and caring attitude filters into his work role as well as he oversees each RDA Client’s needs.

He started at RDA in 2015 after finding a job description for a client care team member on a job board. “I remember spending hours reading through their website, learning about their company and values. Immediately, I knew this was the place I wanted to work! I love the emphasis that RDA puts on our core values,” reflects Sansing. His hard work over the next few years earned him a promotion in 2019, and now he leads the entire department.

His proudest moments at the company are when they come together to help people in need -whether it was someone in the community, an employee or family member, or a charity.  There have been several instances where the company donated time or money to help with a variety of difficult situations. Compassion is a core value of RDA Systems, and Sansing is proud to see everyone at the company live through that value in real-time. Another core value is integrity because the team places a high value on being ethical and always doing the right thing.

Sansing’s professional wish list for the next 10 years is to meet each one of his clients. He loves to travel to trade shows and user group meetings to meet the people he frequently speaks with on the phone. His personal wish is to go to Canada on a cruise.

We are proud to have Kyle Sansing as part of our leadership team and look forward to a long-term tenure of great service at our company over the years to come.


RDA Systems. Inc. is a successful multi-generational software and consulting company that specifically caters to small schools, towns, and counties. Our US based team focuses on quality, modern and secure cloud-based software, and excellent client service.  To learn more about how RDA Systems’ Municipal Suite, School District Suite and Concierge Support can work for you and your team, go to www.RDASystems.com.


  1. Kyle is the absolute BEST. He always responds to my emails and voicemail no matter the time of day. Kyle is patient and explains everything to me so that I can try and resolve the issue on my own but when I mess it up he is always there to help. Thank you so much Kyle for always being available for me and the District 186 team 🙂

    Angela Burris

  2. Kyle is always willing to go above and beyond when helping us out here at District 186 (Accounting Department). Thanks Kyle!

  3. Kyle,
    We truly appreciate you here at District 186! You are truly an expert and you along with your team provide the absolute best customer service! You deserve to be recognized as the Spotlight Employee!
    Yolonda Wilder


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