What Are You Doing for Others?

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Life’s persistent and most urgent questions is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” In November, RDA Systems had the privilege of volunteering at the Goshen Valley Boys’ Ranch in Waleska, GA, and our experience was second to none.

The Goshen Valley Boys’ Ranch was founded in 2001 as a way to care for young men in the foster care system. The Ranch hosts volunteer days where businesses, organizations, or churches can donate their time and services.

Sean Moroz, a member of the RDA customer care team, shared a glimpse of his volunteer experience with the company at Goshen Valley: “It was so rewarding to step out of our day-to-day tasks and be able to use our time and talents to help the kids. The staff at Goshen Valley Boys’ Ranch go above and beyond to pave the way for those kids to lead a ‘normal’ life despite what they have seen growing up. Thank you to the RDA team and Goshen Valley.”

Mimi English, RDA Client Success Manager, expressed her enthusiasm about the work Goshen Valley is doing in the lives of the foster children who live there: “Spending a day at the Goshen Valley Boys Ranch was an amazing experience,” she said. “I was blown away by so many aspects of what they are doing. The struggles of the kids that reside there, the opportunities that Goshen Valley provides for them, and the commitment of those who live and work on the Ranch—I had no idea. They are truly making an impact on the lives and futures of these young men. I definitely walked away having gained far more than I gave that day.”

“It was so amazing to see the wonderful land the boys get to enjoy, even though they may be in an unlikely situation with their family,” said Donnica Carter, Senior Payroll Team Lead.  “We also got a chance to speak to one of the foster parents. Hearing how they care for up to 7 boys at one time was humbling. To give their lives to caring for the boys just put things into perspective with caring for my own two children. I’m so glad we got an opportunity to help in even a little way to make their experience easier.”

It was a pleasure donating our time to Goshen Valley, and we are looking forward to our next volunteer day with thankfulness and humility.

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