RDA Participates in SERV International Food Box Pack-Out

RDA Participates in SERV International Food Box Pack-Out

On April 8, 2022, RDA Systems had the privilege of participating in a community service outreach program called the “Food Box Pack-Out” sponsored by SERV International.  Based in Canton, GA, SERV International is a non-denominational, faith-based, non-profit organization that uses food as a platform to share Christ. A total of 400 boxes were packed and distributed to the Cherokee County community that day.

Dave Davis, President and CEO of RDA, had this to say about the charitable event:

“This was a great way to serve our community. To be able to come alongside an existing ministry and produce 400 boxes of food for those in need in a couple of hours was inspiring. With Christ as the mentor, SERV has the system well-defined and very efficient. When one serves another, both are blessed. Each of us came away from the event feeling good about investing our time to help others. Just as Christ came to serve, so we are called to serve. It was a great way to start the weekend!! We do not have to go across the world to make a difference in people’s lives. There are folks right here in Cherokee County that need the love of Christ.

Encouraging Bible verses, handwritten on the boxes, let recipients know the source of the gift. The Friday RDA served was during spring break and it was great to work alongside young people who sacrificed their Friday afternoon to help their neighbors. My hat is off to SERV. They have a good thing going in their Christian Ministry to serve those in need.”

“It was a meaningful opportunity in two ways,” said Mimi English, RDA’s Customer Success Manager, who also participated in the food box pack-out event, “One, seeing those food boxes with uplifting messages written on the side heading out into the community to help others. The other was being a part of a group of people working together toward one goal for the greater good.”

Sean Moroz, RDA’s Revenue Team Lead, also served in the pack-out outreach.  He said, “The people at the SERV store in Canton have a mission, and they are executing it phenomenally. There were 30-40 volunteers at this event, and we were all able to pack a variety of food in 400 big boxes in under 2 hours. The event was very organized. The people that we worked alongside were just the type of people you would expect to be at an event like this—friendly, outgoing, high-spirited, and not a single complaint. Everyone (even the kiddos) was happy to contribute two hours out of their day to help people that they would never even meet. I would be more than happy to participate in something like this again!”

Additionally, Kyle Sansing, Customer Care for RDA, had this to say about his experience volunteering for the event: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering there. I am proud of what everyone was able to accomplish to help people in unfortunate situations. I am looking forward to the next time!”

The team at RDA Systems looks forward to the next SERV International food box pack-out event with great anticipation.

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