Donnica Carter learned about RDA Systems in 2015 during a job search. She noticed they were a Christian company, located near her home, and knew instinctively it was the company she would love to work for. She landed a support position in HR, and several years later moved into a senior role over the Human Resources and Payroll Department.

One of the big projects she worked on as head of her department was to create a new process to track insurance for the employees of RDA System’s customers due to required regulations from the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In the beginning, there was some apprehension about how they were going to set it up to remain in compliance with the IRS. However, she and the RDA team got it done. The ACA tracking system is easy to set up and runs well. This is one of her proudest accomplishments so far at RDA.

One of the things she appreciates most at RDA Systems is their family environment and their commitment to maintaining a team culture. When hiring, they always look for people who are a great fit to interact with their clients and RDA co-workers. It’s evident that the people at RDA really care about each other and each other’s lives outside of work.

Donnica describes herself as very outgoing, dependable, and loving. She enjoys eating sushi or any Asian food. Her personal mantra is Philippians 4:13 (“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”) because it was one of the first verses she memorized with her grandmother at three-years-old.

Of all the people Donnica would love to meet from any time period, she would choose Oprah. Sitting with her and chatting about life would be a blast. According to Donnica, “Oprah seems so intuitive and is a true inspiration.”

In addition to her role at RDA Systems, Donnica also has an entrepreneurial spirit.  She recently started a travel agency and took advantage of her business to go on a trip of a lifetime to Dubai with her husband to celebrate their 11th Anniversary. They love to travel, and last year they went to Egypt for their 10th Anniversary. While in Dubai, they plan on having dinner in the sky, renting a dune buggy to ride around the desert, and relaxing on the beach.

RDA Systems is proud to have Donnica as part of their team, and they look forward to a long-lasting relationship with her.

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  1. Donnica is an excellent wife, mother and grand daughter. Phil 4:13 suits her perfectly! She’s committed to being the best that she can be.
    Watch out for her. There is more to come!
    She is an asset to your company for sure!


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