User Feedback Drives Service Improvements

We recently conducted the following survey- “Customer Service – What Makes it Good or Not?”.  Thank you to all that participated!  The results confirmed our assumptions.  We decided to focus on your top two items.

  1. Resolving a problem quickly was rated most important.  We will start tracking and reporting Time to Resolution (TtR) for each Help Desk Ticket.  This number will track the time from when the Ticket is created until it is closed.  We are making changes to our help desk system to automagically monitor this important number.  It should be in production by the end of October.  Once we have a baseline TtR,  we will then work to improve it.
  2. Speaking directly with someone was also highly ranked.  For those that request a telephone conversation, we are going to make every effort to respond in that manner.  If Help Desk Ticket emails go back and forth too many times, we are going to pick up the phone and call.  We are designing a system to track our performance on this.   More on this soon.

I will be reporting these important numbers to you as they become meaningful.  We need to collect a certain number of tickets before we can see the trends.  I firmly believe that the measurements (numbers) you watch will improve.   As we start watching the TtR number, I am confident we will see it trend in a direction that you will appreciate.

Thank you for helping us get better at serving you.  Let us know what you think by clicking the “Leave A Comment” link above.

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