More Is Better

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The AT&T commercials where the kids are asked “is it better to be fast than be slow” always gets a smile and laugh from me, especially the tape a cheetah to her back (but that’s another story in itself!). Thinking of these commercials leads me to pose this question to you: is it better to have too much information or not enough information? OpenRDA captures lots of data and mining it to meet everyone’s needs is challenging. All of the modules contain some powerful reports; they’re powerful due to all the options for sorting, totaling, ranging, selecting, etc. One I’d like for you to take a look at after the September 30, 2013, programs are installed is the Payroll Job Expense by Pay ID that is accessed from Accounting Reports. This report is a workhorse and extremely versatile as you’ll see from reviewing the Report Description tab on the range screen (and if you don’t have a NO DEDUCTIONS pay type, let me know; I’ll be happy to help you create it).

It’s not complicated; more information is better than not enough.



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