Programs Release: 09/30/2013

OpenRDA/Xpert programs have been released to our website for downloading and installing. These programs have a compiled and released date of 09/30/2013. Full release notes are available from Product Announcements (accessed via Help; product announcements can be sorted by category, module, and product date). Highlights of this month’s release are (click the article title to read more):

Blog button?_(a new button available from OpenRDA’s Help menu on the Resource bar as well as from Screen and Resource Help screens in the various processes; clicking the button will take you to our new internal blogs; you can also access Blogs once on the website page; always click Read More to see the full blog posting).
Last Date Deducted?_(Payroll module; a new field in the Employee Deduction Master file, PAYDEDM; because this field will automatically populate when the 9/30/2013 updates to Payroll module are executed, the update will take longer than usual as the deduction pay masters in all payrolls must be accessed and sorted by payroll date).
Laser Billing Statement?_(Utility Billing module; a new 8.5 x 11 billing statement).
Job and Personnel Demographics Export (Payroll module; report produces a tab-delimited file containing personnel and job information based on active deduction descriptions).
Substitute Work Transactions by Substitute and Calendar Period (Substitute Management module; provides conversion of daily units to hourly units).

Click for?_Product Announcements. Once on the Product Announcements page, change the RDA Category to the desired one and/or to the desired Module. The Start Date for the product announcements defaults to three months before the current calendar date but can be changed as needed/desired so that you’re seeing less (or more) announcements.
We are experiencing a slight problem with the Benefits Coordinator (paybc) program and are working diligently for a solution. ?_In the interim, if you normally enter a few letters of the personnel identification (what we refer to as lexical search), click the Enter/Return on your keyboard before clicking the search button. ?_For customers who use managed personnel identifications (numerical), the personnel identification field is not editable as these must be loaded from the contents of the browse.
Note to Windows customers (those with OpenRDA a windows work station instead of server): turn off/inactivate anti-virus software when downloading the program files and executing/running program updates.

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