customer service

Customer service is very important to us. Whether it be implementation, training, support, or a simple question, RDA Systems has a dedicated team of support specialists to assist. We understand the need for quick resolution by guaranteeing a 3 hour response time of any ticket that comes through our Help Desk. Our Customer Care Team is committed to making our customers successful as we help them develop best practices.

Average helpdesk response time:


How we measure our customer support

After every interaction with our support team, a customer is asked to rate the experience by clicking one of four ratings:

Great! (Fast, courteous, helpful, knowledgeable)
Good (Answered my question, but I needed something more)
OK (Acceptable, but plenty of room for improvement)
Not Good (Unfortunately, it left me unsatisfied)



This is how we get better

We study these ratings to get better at serving you. Every customer interaction is an opportunity for us to improve. The ultimate goal is 100% Great!

Full transparency and accountability

Great service is extremely important to us and our customers. We have made these ratings public so everyone knows how we are doing. We want to set the standard for customer service in our market. Full transparency keeps us honest.

The RDA team members are always so wonderful and an expert at what they do. Thank you so much!


I felt like the most important thing at that moment was to get me taken care of and back to work!


It’s working great! I like that it is on the web, it’s easy to operate. The set up went smooth.