IRS Quick Alerts on ACA

To help us all stay current with the latest ACA requirements, the IRS is offering webinars on the topic. We at RDA will be attending some of these, and expect that you would like to attend the non-technical classes.

Engage this link to sign up for IRS QuickAlerts. When you sign up, you will start getting email notifications about ACA, and have the opportunity to participate in webinars.

There are multiple categories of information provided via QuickAlerts. You choose the categories that interest you, and then you’ll starting getting the related notifications. The categories, per the IRS website, include:

  • Alerts – Processing delays, Programming issues, Changes to any filing season procedure, Error Code and and Business Rule information
  • Technical – Schema information, Software testing (ATS)
  • General Notifications – Seminars, Conferences, e-file publication changes.
  • General IRS e-file Service Center Messages – IRS e-file program updates, General information, Service Center maintenance schedules, IRS e-file Help Desk phone numbers and more
  • Affordable Care Act Information Return (AIR) – Electronic specifications and system information needed for Issuers/Payers, Transmitters and Software Developers that electronically file Forms 1094-B, 1095-B, 1094-C, and 1095-C to IRS.

As we learn of changes to the ACA requirements, we will make any necessary programming changes, and publish news articles/blogs. Remember that it is your responsibility as an employer to stay up to date and be in compliance with the provisions. You can visit the IRS’ “What Employers Need to Know” page from this link.

Please submit a cyber support request if you need assistance with getting the required information out of the system for reporting purposes.

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