The Easy Life: Employee Self Service Portals

The Easy Life:

RDA Systems'
Employee Self-Service Portals

Reduced time spent, fewer headaches and real-time employee information at your fingertips!

The Easy Life:

RDA Systems' Employee Self-Service Portals

Reduced time spent, headaches and real-time information at your fingertips!​

As Easy as ESS!

RDA Systems has assembled a solution that allows your employees to update you and their information 24×7 whether in their office or where ever they are.

Schedule a demo of the RDA Systems Employee Self Service Portal and learn what RDA Systems can do for you and your team.

Wait! There's More!

Yes…the technology is here. A fully integrated system saves you time and money while providing your staff and employees a better work experience.

Your employees can manage and update their personal information, update their timecards and manage leave, providing you with the most up-to-date information and making life easier for you.

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