PAYROLL: W2 Survey

The Payroll Team is conducting a survey relative to certain W2 Deduction Types. Please access the View W2 Masters from the Payroll W2 Processing Taskbar. From the Browse, click on the Statistics tab. Scroll to the bottom. If there are amounts in Box 12-R (which is for Medical Savings Accounts) and/or Box 12-EE (which is for Roth Contributions to 457b Plans), please let us know (via email to Kathy at
Although this will only take a couple of minutes of your time, we will appreciate it. And, the Payroll Team has a Valentine gift for you that will be in the OpenRDA programs scheduled for release next Friday night, February 14. A State-Specific tab has been added to the W2 Taskbar. This tab will contain links to either an OpenRDA report or to your state’s tax filing URL.

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