Programs Release: 02/14/2014

OpenRDA/Xpert programs for?_Linux?_and?_Windows?_platforms have been released to our website for downloading and installing. These programs, with a compiled and released date of 02/14/2014, contain many new features and enhancements. Full release notes are available from?_Product Announcements?_(accessed with this link as well as via Help on the Resource Bar of OpenRDA) for this release (as well as for prior releases).?_
Highlights of this release are below:

Archiving Net Zero Advice Slip as personnel document (Payroll module)
Display of either the description from Position Master or Job Master when sorting the Payroll Register by position (Payroll module)
State-Specific tab on the W2 Task Bar (Payroll module)
Gender Count by Payroll Date (Payroll module)
Primary Job field in the Job Master and a report for setting this in mass (Payroll module)
Employee List by Last Paid Date (Personnel module)
Tax Filing Status Report accessed from Personnel Demographics (Personnel module)
Change Invoice Identification (Vendor Payments module)
Attaching documents to customer masters (Utility Billing module)
Owner Notes reports (Real Estate and Personal Property modules)
Modified processes so that the budget fiscal year defaults and so that saving screen defaults isn’t problematic (Budget Prep module)
Ten-Level Comparison reports for expenditure and revenue budget amounts (Budget Prep module)
3-Year Comparison reports for expenditure and revenue budget amounts (Budget Prep module)
Budget Deductions Comparison report (Budget Prep module)

Note to?_Windows?_customers (those with OpenRDA on a windows work station instead of a linux server):?_always?_turn off/inactivate anti-virus software when downloading the program files and executing/running program updates.

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