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Clean Data

The Unrealized Value of Maintaining Clean Data

As organizations continue to accumulate vast amounts of data, it is increasingly important to ensure that the data is accurate and reliable. Data cleaning, also known as data purging or data scrubbing, is the process of identifying and correcting errors,

Driving Transformation Through Data Strategy

Driving Transformation Through Data Strategy

Data is an essential asset that plays a significant role in driving growth and success in modern-day organizations. Local governments, school districts, and other organizations that have a clear data strategy are better equipped to leverage data to drive innovation,



RDA Systems Employee Self-Service Portal

The RDA Systems Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS) provides employees around the clock access to personal information management (PIM), timesheet data and sick/leave requests on both mobile and desktop platforms, simplifying supervisor and administrative workflows and reducing the amount of time required for processing. Contact our office to learn more.

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RDA Systems Constituent Portal

The RDA Constituent Portal provides 24x7x365 access to your customers so that they can review and pay tax and utility bills, and review personal property and real estate assets, providing your office with greater efficiency, reducing pate payments and less paperwork. Contact our offices to learn more.

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RDA Systems Annual School Report Module

The RDA Systems Annual School Report Module is an intuitive, integrated solution that simplifies creation and distribution of your annual school reports. Whether integrating with another RDA Solution or with your legacy system, you’ll save significant time, money and resources with this this solution. Contact our office to learn more.

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Press Releases

Patrick County, VA

RDA Systems wholeheartedly thanks Patrick County for choosing us as the partner for implementing the Municipal Suite ERP systems for administration. We are grateful for the opportunity and the trust you placed in us by allowing us as your software


Amherst County, VA

Thank you Amherst County for the opportunity to partner with you on the implementation and administration of your Municipal Suite ERP implementation project.  We know that you could have chosen any number of vendors and so, are even more grateful


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RDA Systems. Inc. is a successful multi-generational software and consulting company that specifically caters to small schools, towns, and counties. Our US based team focuses on quality, modern and secure cloud-based software, and excellent customer service.


The latest release is openrda 4-programs-4.0.85-44630. If RDA runs your updates, please look for an email letting you know when those will occur. The following items are included in this release… 2022 1095 Electronic File 2022 1099-NEC Electronic File 2022

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