Sonya Lanier Joins RDA

Welcome to the Team, Sonya Lanier!

RDA is pleased to announce that Sonya Lanier has joined our team. A Georgia native, Sonya, has over 23 years of experience serving Tax Commissioners all across Georgia. She brings a wealth of system support and implementation knowledge having served numerous years as a Senior Lead Support Analyst for both Harris Computers, Inc. and Thomson Reuters – Manatron.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her three children and two grandchildren. She also enjoys traveling, especially seeing sights across Georgia, as well as shopping and reading.

Please join me and the rest of RDA in welcoming Sonya to the team!

11 thoughts on “Sonya Lanier Joins RDA”

    • Thank you Alma! I am enjoying my new job very much!! We have worked together a long time at two different companies and you have always done a good job!! I miss ya’ll!! I hope to see you soon!

  1. Congratulations to RDA for this addition to your team! Having worked with Sonya for 9 years I can honestly say you have one of the best, if not the best! She will truly be an asset to your company. I’ve always known Sonya to be the most honest,hard working and dedicated employee in her field. CONGRATULATIONS SONYA!

    • Thank you for such kind comments Susan!! We have had the opportunity to work together at two companies so far and who knows what the future holds! I am truly glad we have a great working relationship as well as a wonderful friendship!! I miss you but hope to see you at a conference soon!!

  2. I had the pleasure to work with Sonya over the last several years here at Hart County Tax Commissioners Office and she was a hard dedicated worker and I know she will bring that to your team. Congratulations Sonya!!!!


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