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Last month I made the rather long trip from Atlanta to Bismarck for the ND School Board Association Annual Convention.  If you’ve ever had to make a connection at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, you know the walk from Gate G to Gate C is very long! But, it was all worthwhile as it allowed me to meet some of our customers/users in North Dakota. Didn’t get to see the oil fields; heard a lot about them; maybe next time.

The User Group Meeting was fun and it was enlightening–at least for me. And, I hope that Tom, Marion, Lynn, Tammy S, Tammy B, Denise, Paulette, Lorna, Cindy, Lori, Jody, Pam, and Ramona also gained some nuggets of useful information and tips about our OpenRDA software.

Sometimes,  I just assume that everyone ran with scissors like I did when I was young. And, what I mean by that is seeing something in the software and not being afraid to try it; just run with it. We do have very forgiving software and there isn’t much you can do that we at OpenRDA Helpdesk can’t get you out of.  Chances are, it won’t go wrong. So, let’s be like Lewis and Clark.  Go exploring!


(today’s flower is the state flower of North Dakota–the prairie rose; beautiful)

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  1. Dear Phyllis,
    I took a visit to RDA website today for old times sake! I retired from Litchville-Marion a couple years ago, I miss the people… the convention was always good for connecting!! Wish I had been in Bismarck this year to meet you in person. You were always a great help to me. I will always remember you for it!!!
    Best wishes,


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