Checklist for 2013 – OpenRDA/Xpert (Revised 01/16/2013)

With the release of federal tax tables by the IRS on January 2, 2013, this checklist replaces the preliminary one we published earlier this month.

For all tax deductions except for Medicare, you must have Payroll programs with compile/release date of 01/03/2013 or later (Windows customers must have 01/04/2013 or later). For Medicare deduction changes, you must have payroll programs with compile/release date of?_01/15/2013?_or after.?_Confirm installed, compiled, and released dates from?_Program Update Status?_(System Administration, Version Control).
Install the 2013 Federal Tax Tables and Federal Exemption Amount (from $3800 to $3900) from the?_Federal?_deduction description(s) using the?_Copy Standard Setup. ?_This is a new button on the Compute tab of the tax deduction descriptions.
Install the 2013 state tax table(s) for your state from your?_state tax?_deductions using the?_Copy Standard Setup?_(for ND customers, this will also change the Exemption Amount in the ND state deduction description from $3800 to?_$3900;?_and, for NY customers, the standard deductions that are used by the compute program); we are only aware of state tax changes for?_North Dakota?_and?_New York.
Update?_FICA?_and?_FICA-M?_for rates and 2013 wage base (rate is?_6.2%?_for employee and employer for 2013; wage limit base of?_$113,700; and calendar withholding limit of?_$7,049.40) using the?_Copy Standard Setup.?_
Update?_MEDICARE?_deduction using the?_Copy Standard Setup?_(an additional .9 percent is applicable for employee contributions beginning in 2013 once taxable wages exceed $200,000; this requires Custom Configuration for the Computation). No changes are applicable to the MEDICARE-M deduction as its rate remains at 1.45%.
Change the Unemployment Threshold for your state in the Current Payroll Values/Generic Setup Variables (see State Documents for amounts and instructions)?_once?_the 4th quarter report for 2012 is completed.
Change the Withholding Limit for your Unemployment Deduction Description if the rate and/or the threshold for your state changes for 2013 and you are using this feature (Compute tab).
Change the Default Calendar Year in Vendor Payments to 2013 (Current Voucher Defaults). ?_The Calendar Year should?_always?_be the same as the year in the check/EFT date.
Change the Default Fiscal Year in Vendor Payments to 2013 if your organization’s fiscal year follows the calendar year (Current Voucher Defaults).
Change the Default Fiscal Year in Financial Management to 2013 if your organization’s fiscal year follows the calendar year
If you have not already done so for budgeting purposes, open fiscal year 2013 in Financial Management if your organization’s fiscal year follows the calendar year.
Change the Fiscal Year and Fiscal Month in Purchase Orders if your organization’s fiscal year follows the calendar year.
Change the Default Fiscal Year in Employee Absentee module (if you have this module and your organization’s fiscal year follows the calendar year).
Organizations that have one or more of the revenue modules should change the Default Fiscal Year if the fiscal year follows the calendar year. ?_Those organizations should also review and change the Default Tax Year as applicable.
Virginia customers whose VRS Common Date is January 1 should make this change in Current Payroll Values/Generic Setup Variables) and then establish Life Insurance Salary (for the job master).
Organizations whose fiscal year follows the calendar should print a Leave Job Summary Report and auto-archive into Leave Management’s electronic filing cabinet. ?_Organizations whose leave is on calendar-year basis instead of fiscal year basis should also do this. Prior to entering any leave used or earned transactions for the new year, insure that all transactions have processed (updated) and then use the Move Leave Balances Forward report to establish beginning balances for the new year. If using the leave liability feature, this must be done before any leave is processed (updated) fore the new year. ?_ ?_ ?_ ?_ ?_ ?_ ?_ ?_ ?_ ?_ ?_

Please also review the?_Year End Tips?_from the?_Documentation?_page.

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