Dawn Brown, a relatively new employee with RDA Systems, is truly enjoying her role as Client Care Specialist. Dawn’s primary responsibilities are to teach RDA clients how to use the Accounting and Payroll software systems, and provide support as needed. The biggest thing she’s noticed over the two months she’s been at RDA is how much the company enjoys being a blessing to others and serving them.

Right now, Dawn is currently working on a User Guide project for the Employee Self-Serve (ESS) System to make it even easier for RDA’s clients to navigate the system. Because she is a life-long learner, over the next 10 years Dawn plans on learning as much as possible about software development and implementation. She’s not sure how she’ll use it yet, but everything Dawn learns tends to come in handy when she least expects it.

Dawn’s motto is: “Believe you can do anything and suddenly windows of opportunity open where before only walls existed! Positive thoughts, words, feelings, and beliefs manifest a positive life. By using grateful, positive thoughts and feelings, and by focusing on dreams rather than disappointments, we can change the frequency of our energy, and the law of attraction brings positive things into our lives”.

Italian and Caribbean food are Dawn’s favorites, which is why her dish of choice is Jerk Chicken Pasta. According to Dawn, it’s the perfect blend of both – très magnifique!

Dawn has a 3 ½ year old son named Justice and a 22-year-old son named Jaden. She is a “boy Mom” through and through! Her boys are her whole world, and she tries to spend as much time with them as possible. According to Jaden, his mom can be described in three simple words: Organized, Persistent, and Dedicated. That’s high praise from an adult child.

When asked who Dawn would want to meet from any time period, she selected Jesus Christ because she has so many questions to ask Him. A few key questions she often ponders are: 1) How could You love mankind? 2) Why would You die for sinners like us? 3) Why do You love a person such as me? and 4) Who am I, that You should even take thought of me? She looks forward to getting those answers someday when she meets Jesus in person at the end of her life.

Before that happens, of course, her life continues to be full of personal and professional opportunities to experience joy and fulfillment. One of the experiences Dawn is really looking forward to later this year is attending Jaden’s college graduation where he’ll be receiving two IT degrees (Cybersecurity and Networking with a Cisco Concentration). She’s a proud Mama for sure!


RDA Systems takes pride in hiring good people and will be pleased to see Dawn flourish in her role over the years to come.

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