As indicated in another product announcement, a new field has been added to the payroll job master (PAYJMST) file to indicate which job is the employee’s primary job. A report has been created and added to Maintenance on OpenRDA’s resource bar for setting this field in mass. Click the Set, Change, or Clear button to see the Set/Unset Primary Job process report. A printout is not provided as this process immediately updates the database. On the Select and Range tab, turn on (check) the Primary Job field. Normally, when setting primary job to true, you would only want to select active jobs and current employees. Other ranges are available such as FTE Amount, Gross ID, Position ID, Pay Group (for example, if you are a Virginia customer with our standard setup, you could range on gross identification of VRS to VRS~). To facilitate reporting, only one job would normally be the primary job. Once you have set the primary job flag, query job masters (selecting when primary job is true) and make changes to individual jobs as needed.

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